Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Fairly Super Tuesday

cruelty to your boss funny
Today started very early because I'd set my alarm for 0700. Knowing that I'd set it for 0715 the day before, and that we had got to school on time, it seemed only sensible to get up in the dark to ensure a repeat performance.
I loitered for a bit, roused the slumbering Jof and waited ages until it was time to leave, and we still had to wait in the car until anybody else showed up and subsequently had to wait in the rain (holding a giant Lego Mayan Pyramid Temple) for the caretaker to open the gate. Still, I was on time.
In swimming I totally beasted my allocated lengths and my team won the relay for, like, the 5th time in a row. In gym I wasn't very good on the running-jumping trampoline-board thing but I'm getting better on the bars. At the moment I have the 12-bar blues. Later we'll find out if the loud chap with the plastic hair or the very very angry woman will become the next President of America. I am not a registered voter but I like the people with the placards.

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