Thursday, 31 March 2016

Nod Nod, Wink Wink

I had a relatively busy day yesterday and was still reading at 1130 so I requested 14 hours of sleep-coma. It was closer to 10 hours in the end but never mind. Then it was dragon-gaming until he made me go out.
spare pews in church storehouseWe hung a sign in the Scouts lockup saying warning, asbestos on roof. I met Harry and talked Pokémon. Then, in another Scout-related task, I met the fabled Vicar's Garage. I mean, it's just a big old garage full of junk where the Scouts keeps its old trailer, but every time they refer to it, they make out that it's rude and go Fnur, fnur, oo-er missus, know what I mean, Squire, said the actress to the Bishop. This is why I don't trust adults, because they're all mad.
Anyway, I resisted the urge to climb the many ladders and looked at the spare pews out of the church and lots of ancient artefacts like bits of old bell rope and a dead lawnmower and some empty fertiliser and garden poison pots from 1953.
Then we met Poppy and Georgina and Brian the Beaver Leader and that was my outside work done for the day, hurrah for Minecraft in which I named my 10th dog 'Ollivander', after the first guy to get Exploding Tummy Syndrome in Alien. Extra-Swimming was on for the 4 of us who turned up, apparently we should all have moved up to the Academy last week but the photocopier broke down so we didn't get the letters.
Tonight: Back to the Future 2, required reading for occupants of the 37th century, like me.

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