Saturday, 26 March 2016

A Wheely Good Day

amusement arcade solent wheel southseaAs is traditional for mid-holiday shenanigans, I woke up at 930 and was just jumping on Bud on the sofa when I saw Sydney outside my house, walking her dog. I was still in my pyjamas (lucky, on most days I'm naked) so didn't rush outside to greet her, but invited her out to go on the Ferris wheel that has just been erected by Pirate Pete's.
She replied 8 times which seemed positive so we went to her house and met the dog and drove to the seafront and asked the Wheel man if we could go on. There was a bit of discussion about whether it was open due to high winds but they let us have our very own 6-person gondola and we went round 3 times! Gosh, how we cheered.
You can see lots from the 35 metre apogee and so by the time we'd landed, we knew we needed to play Pirate Golf.
pirate golf course southsea amusement arcadesChoosing the 'Warrior Trail', I beat her by 7 shots, possibly because she went for a maximum 10 on 2 holes. She has a very cheaty swiping motion and in some cases, practically swept the ball along. I conveniently forgot that I used to do that. In the end, there was no choice but to do the 'Victory Trail' as well (another £7) and she beat me by 1 shot! She reads my blog so I have to be polite.
Outside, we tried the remote-controlled galleons and mine was fast but hers didn't work at all and we had to call the man out to get her £1 back and then we wasted our £5 allowances in the arcade of flashing lights. Splitting it down into 2ps and 10ps we made it last ages and we played air-hockey even when the blowers switched off and then came home for pizza and X-box.
During a guided house-tour, I discovered she is just as pants at me at darts in the garage, but she can reach the top of the board to get them down again because she is taller than me and hardly teased me about it at all. Plus she loves Minecraft on the X-box, I see a decent future in this one. We gave her back after 5 hours and that left me free to relight the lounge fire and watch another film. This turned out to be "Terminator 2", the iconic Uber-killer film that I first encountered 2 years ago when I was 8, and represented the beginning of my love affair with Schwarzenegger and other action movies. During this film I learned how to pick a Yale tumbler lock, why using the word niggers is no longer socially acceptable and how the malleus, incus and stapes help transmit sound waves to the brain. And you just thought it was about guns and bombs and knives and stabbing weapons.

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