Monday, 21 March 2016

Spring Clearout

african white giant mushroom
In school today 80% of the class had to stay in for break and lunch because they hadn't finished their coursework. Amazingly, I had, so I was free.
It's just a short hop to the Easter holidays and following my extended gaming day yesterday, I was raring to go again. But Bud was in the garage preparing to offload our pool table (never used, sat in the garage for a year after the previous owners kept it in their garage for years) and the 3-way gaming table (never used).
So he kept needing me for photos which meant I couldn't fight quite as many dragons as I would have done if I wasn't molested by pool cues and dusty tables.
Clearing out the garage means rediscovering long-lost items. So we got out the duplicate gunshells and have already arranged to flog them to a fence down the docks, or rather an antiques dealer in the dockyard. And we realised that we haven't lit the lounge fire all winter, so that'll clear out a bit more.
15 mm howitzer cart elec start bofors 40mm trampolines-gb rotating 3-way games tableWe've collected all the wine corks, the broken slat from my bed, a small wooden elephant we found at the seaside, the legs off my Lego crafting table, a pound of pistachio shells, the firework I found on the garage roof, and many other flammable delights, and we'll burn them all, baby, at the weekend.
Just when I was watching cartoons, Flynn came to the door to remind me that it was Scouts so we hastily swapped Pok√©mon cards and I told him that Charizard Mega-EX 3rd Evolution is worth £1 million because there's only one in the world, owned by the Queen. He didn't believe me. In Scouts we played cricket and learned that the Umpire's decision is final even if you think he's wrong, and we made paper aeroplanes and got hot.

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