Wednesday, 2 March 2016

2D Quidditch

drunk man fail antics arrestedIt was a pretty normal day at school until it hailed on me at going-home time. You just can't trust the weather in this country, I think I'll move to the Isle of Wight, have you seen how much garden you get over there for the same money?
Anyway, on the way home we saw some people playing Quidditch. Now, I've watched a few Quidditch matches, but all of them have been in Harry Potter films, and the 1 match I did play was at Harry Potter World in Watford and I was on a robotic broomstick being filmed in front of a green-screen.
These mere humans had to make do with terrestrial (Muggle) Quidditch, although they did straddle their sticks in amusing fashion and had colourful costumes and the three hoops of differing heights at both ends. But by the time we'd had our run and got to Wednesday Park proper, they had been persuaded to quit by the bitingly cold wind and had flown off back to Hogwarts.
muggle quidditch matchI put my nice big warm top that he had got out for me back in the cupboard and selected an old favourite zip-up hoodie device which is one of the Circular Launderers. Basically, I wear it, and Jof tells me it's far too small for me as my tummy is clearly on show the whole time. She washes it and plans to put it in the charity shop bag, but somehow it evades capture and makes its way back into my clothes drawer, where I see it and go 'Ooo! My bestest hoodie-top"' and out it comes once more to expose my navel to the world. Thus it goes round and round, like the red bike shirt I got in Year 2 and others.
In the park I met LittleMax, I'd not seen him for ages so we played and did tricks and we ran around for over an hour but even though the Mummies were wearing 17 layers of complicated woollens, it wasn't enough to block the Icelandic blasts and we got home to the warm, where Jof was also put off by the cold and didn't go to the Gym so we couldn't watch Aliens with supper.

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