Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Olivia the Ghastly

havens corner church crazy religious warningsAs ever, the last day of the school term is a half-day at best. Some people had to finish off their work but Ben and I didn't, so we got to play an online Minecraft game in which you have to defend your house against various invading Ender-persons and Ghosts and Ghasts and Skeleton Zombies and all the usual.
boys bedroom full of pokemon cards and legoWe also had a class trip to the Girls' Academy by the church with the giant tower that features on my homepage. They have a real stage with spotlights and an orchestra pit (well, an area for the band) and actual curtains and they put on a performance of Oliver! for us. But because it is a girls' school, it was Olivia! the musical, and in our humble (ever so 'Umble) opinions, it was dreadful.
ford mondeo estate boot big enough for 2 boysOf course all the parts were played by girls apart from one teacher who was dressed as a Roman and only made woo and gaah noises. Once we were released from this torment, I took Ben home and we made Lego rifles and he had the idea of making them double-thickness so we could put a bullet in and then we got in the boot of the new car to check it out.
At Wednesday Park it was very busy indeed and even though our group was 10-handed, we were outnumbered by very very little people and the park was full of mummies protecting their tiny offspring from our fast-moving football. Of course, we were those diminutive dingbats once. Eventually we were turfed out into the wider park area for safety and kicked the ball over the thatched roof of the barn which is really high.
For pudding I had luxury custard and a bloke failed 2 days running to come and collect the stuff we'd advertised on Gumtree. What is it about free stuff they don't like?

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