Sunday, 13 March 2016

Il Bambino Fastidioso

barn in milton park portsmouth playersI had only one appointment today and that was a visit to my Scouting friend Matteo. I passed the time by playing Dragon Attack and so forth on the tablet, because my arrangement is one hour of screen time per day during the week and infinite at weekends, so I absolutely make sure I don't put it down in case they renege on the deal.
As it happened, I allowed myself to be taken to the park for some footballing and Jof was even worse than me and fell over and we always got it stuck in the prickle-bush of doom and 2 small boys joined in and we tried to retrieve some balls trapped under the chicken wire holding the roof on to the old barn in the park.
sunny march dayAfter a quick lunch we went to Matteo's house. They have a nice double-width one on a street where not all houses are nice and they have the decent floor tiles like we used to have in the old house. Jof followed as I'd forgotten the tablet and we did some Pokémon and some tableting but there was a big problem. It was 3 years old and was his little sister. She was very annoying and messed up our Pokémon card piles and kept getting in the way and it didn't matter how many times we tried to lock her out, she just came back in with her bleating and drippy nose and nonsensical babbling. Gosh, lucky I was never like that.
In the end his parents took us all right back to the same park to make us run around and the solipsistic sister got in the way of the swings and didn't take her turn properly on the slide (I was Slide Warden) and I got home after about 3 hours. Jof says it is a kid sister's prime job to be annoying but they start to look better once they get to about 16. Bud says that all kids only care about themselves being the centre of attention which is why she couldn't handle us playing Pokémon without her.
So once I'd done some more hours on the tablet and made Jof do my homework, I felt better. Tomorrow: The Good Ship Mungo.

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