Thursday, 3 March 2016

Evil Eye

bender futurama blackjack and hookersToday in school we played another game from the Paralympics which was bowls, effectively, but the woods have wheels and big handles on the top and I made mine land right on the green circle but then Owen did one of those huge clanging shots that dislodged my wood and broke off a wheel and then his team-mate landed his wheely-wood right on the circle from which I'd just been forcibly evicted.
green eye sore white sclera
And then randomly I got a sore eye which made me look like half a panda. The school texted Jof and Bud bought me eyedrops and I said I'd never use them but it wasn't a whites-of-the-eye thing anyway.
In extra-swimming I did well and banged my heel in the changing rooms afterwards which got me out of the afternoon run.
Jof went to her own swimming pool so I watched Aliens and just when Bishop (I prefer the term Artificial Human) was remote piloting the second drop-ship, Jof came home and made me watch Star Wars instead.

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