Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Cooler Shaker

Ocean Acidification
So yesterday I was told that my name had been pulled out of a hat like an errant rabbit. This won me a trip to an inner-city school to perform in a Music Festival, and today the instruments were handed out. These are all percussion instruments so we didn't have to learn to play the Polynesian Nose Flute or Medieval Slide Trumpet overnight, basically, of the 30 of us, most got drums and there was a smattering of triangles and bean-shakers.
anti submarine mark 10 mortar shell case2 would-be musicians got the double-ended shakers, I got the single. Apparently we will all get our 3 1/2 seconds of fame performing solo onstage, I reckon all the drummers will simply try to outdo each other with noise and possible membrane perforation (either of the drum, or the eardrums of the audience) so I have to stand out in some way. I have therefore elected to shake my tush in groovy fashion as well as the shaker, and practised my funky moves at home with a 1962 Mark 2 Anti-Submarine Mortar, as you do.
In Extra-Swimming I had an ongoing splashing game with the girl in the yellow hat with the big smile, why not.

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