Sunday, 20 March 2016

Dragon Hatchers but not Cradle Snatchers

playdate with computer gamesAt last! The event I wanted to delete Saturday for has arrived. First I had to hoover the house but I don't mind, then Elizabeth came for a playdate.
I specifically requested an audience with Elizabeth because at the New Year's party, she showed me the dragon quest game and I've been playing it ever since. She brought her ipod and we basically sat on my bed and played for 3 hours. We hatched dragons and fought amongst ourselves. She showed me yet another new game called Beat The Boss and I am currently saving up for a rocket launcher, as you do.
easter cake eggs chicks green icingRight at the end we came downstairs for fruit and chocolate and I was told not to show her Schwarzenegger movies as she's only 9 although she'd probably like them.
Meanwhile, Jof spent the whole day making a Cake of Many Layers. Easter is soon apparently which is when you make cakes covered in inedible chickens and green icing and farmyard-based confectionery and she actually used a supreme ruler to position the steps of her patisserie pyramid and she had to wash up, like, 8 times.

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