Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Woodchips Bring all the Boys to my Yard

sacred heart spelling failIn school today my name came out of the Magic Hat once more and I was thusly selected to attend a music festival at a neighbouring school. Quite what kind of music I will be required to perform has not been made clear to me, however I predict that if it's singing, I'll Boss it, if it's playing an instrument I will face hardship.
giant yellow tennis ball from sports directThen we raced home past the 2D Quidditch players and went to pick up the JBs from their school. While I have collected various children over the years, this was a new one for me and we parked nearby and walked in past all the other kids leaving.
tag game in park with a ballI knew many of them, from Scouts, sailing, YMCA and all these other activities that I've done. We gained ingress via an open door because when you're 10 and you look like you know where you're going, nobody looks at you.
We had a quick look around the school and found the security doors leading to the reception area where we could see the boys waiting for us, and went through those doors from the inside and we drove home. We traded stories of religious punishments and might have possibly mentioned the entirely fictional nature of all the jesus fables and made up new superpowers for him, none stranger than the ones already ascribed to him.
It might still be March so it was quite cold in the park but it was bright and there was a LittleMax and a GreenGuy and the Owens and BabyEdward and a big old crowd of others. My Giant Yellow Tennis Ball died last week but it's lucky us chaps have 2 balls because we could carry on our excellent hard work with nary a break in play.
We did 90 minutes before we transferred ownership of the JBs over to Ben like the little orphans they aren't. My feet were tired.

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