Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Eating your Cake and 'Avin' it Large

product knockoff fail funnyTuesdays are surprisingly busy days. Well, not all of them, there was that Tuesday in February when I didn't even get dressed until gymnastics.
Today I carried Jof's Easter Cake in to school, while wearing my swimming rucksack.
Yet more angry bomb-throwing sand monkeys blew themselves up in Belgium, possibly because Santa didn't deliver or they couldn't get a girlfriend.
meon school southsea FOMS cake saleAnyway, in our last School Tuesday Swim, we had fun-time and played tag in the water. I evaded capture by swimming under people. In Religious Instruction we had to make our own symbols (hear the status symbols clash) like the cross or crescent moon or pyramid with sun above and I made a big M with figure diving. Perhaps I could have done 2 figures diving like the Kappa logo with the 2 people back-to-back and made an M that way.
During the walk from swimming, Child B was telling us about his time in the Army Cadets. He has an orienteering challenge where he has to carry his life in a rucksack, hike for 4 hours to some woods where they release chickens and bears and pheasants and cows and they have to shoot an animal while not being captured by the hunters behind enemy lines and cook the dead animal on their porta-stoves. He says that one cadet won by chopping an eagle's head off with a penknife so as not to alert a nearby hunter with the sound of gunfire. I would also like to be a cadet.
antique swords armour portsmouth historical dockyardAnyway, then it was Cake Day in the assembly hall and we all ran with our 50ps and the winning cake was a giant egg with an icing chicken inside although it would have been better with a dinosaur inside. Jof's cake came SECOND so I got a prize bag of jellybabies which I took to acting rehearsals. There's a new one for Monopoly - Win 2nd Prize in a Cake Contest.
But there is no rest for the wacky and I had a hurried meal at home and left to resume my previous occupation of arms dealer. The chap on the dockyard gates hardly wanted to look in our heavy bag full of artillery shells at all and we got £80 off the nice chap in the gunshop and looked at all his swords again and then we said that the money can go on funny foreign coins and a trip to London so he gave me a genuine Roman coin for my collection as a bonus. It might be Greek.
Then, by Jehovah, we went to the theatre where I met Sydney and that's when the day really started.
We went through our roles and the littlest kid wasted our time and Sydney lost her shoe and at the end we gave her a lift home while I emailed her mother to say where we were. Jof had a bath ready for me.

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