Sunday, 27 March 2016

Haven't a Cur in the World

pink armies occupying russia continentDue to a combination of a late night, no alarm clock, and the Man from the Ministry changing the time while I was asleep, I got up first thing this afternoon. So I spent ages on Minecraft, playing with the Blender-Dragons and breeding dogs. You can name them anything you like (which is asking for trouble with 10 year-olds) and set them to Love Mode and they have babies. But you can't train cats. I had to kill all my cats because they were interfering with the chickens. If I was to kill all my dogs, I wouldn't have a cur in the world, aha.
Finally even I'd had enough tablet-time and ordered a game of Risk. I (Green) sometimes go that little bit too far and leave myself with a huge amount of countries, all with one army. I also like to leave extra armies in Argentina and then later, wonder why. Jof (Black) makes sensible efforts to conquer continents and sit on them, but capitulates instantly as soon as any nearby army picks up its teacup. Bud (Pink) moves only a little bit at a time, building huge walls to hide behind and taking one country at a time to get cards. Here we see the hordes of pinko commies busy threatening nobody.

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