Friday, 25 March 2016

Friday. Ooza good boi, den?

Started the day with a dragon, feeling much better. The sun came out, and then so did I with a trip to the park to kick an under-inflated football around. I have inherited ball skills from both sides of the family so am doubly disadvantaged, but got the fresh air anyway.
wine corks and wood for sitting room fireA man came to take the games table out of the garage. This is all part of the big clear-out and we prepared tonight's fire with its 54 wine corks and 3 cooking spatulas. Jof took me to Giant Tesco (past lots of loud football fans) where I got her 3 large Easter eggs for £10 and she got me my first phone in a complicated transaction. I spent hours playing with it and it writes down what you say which surprised Jof.
Then another man came to take away the pool table. He has Too Many Children and is challenged for entertainment. He has his own minibus. We lit the fire and I put on all the kindling and was left with only logs, who needs forward planning anyway. The guy who has failed to collect the Scout tents that he bought 15 days ago still hasn't made it to collect. Watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull in which everything gets destroyed.

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