Friday, 4 March 2016

I see the Light!

trolling stupid cat I think school is getting more boring. Or perhaps every day is becoming more like the others, I hope that doesn't happen later in life.
Anyway, on the way home it was a bit cold so I laid the groundwork by renegotiating the length of my afternoon run and then announced I was quitting running altogether, because it's a waste of my time and I find it really annoying and boring.
ford focus estate brake light bulb replacementIn addition, I got very angry recently at my trousers which were starting to fall down due to weight loss, and whenever I run, it's not the getting out of breath that stops me any more, it's the aching legs or feet or lips. So I said I might re-start when it got warmer, because when it does get warmer I can always say no, I meant next year. Anyway, it was Haily-Snowy, or was it Snaily-Hoey.
So he said as you're not doing anything useful, you can help me change the passenger-side brake bulb in the car, so we battled with the screws on the housing (surely they should undo in the direction I choose?) and we installed another one and I pressed the pedal so he could see and then I had custard, hurrah.
In Normal Swimming we had a new thing called 'Free Swimming'. Basically, it's just as many lengths as you can in 15 minutes. I bossed the whole class with my 28 lengths, which is the same rate Bud does over the hour on Thursday Extra Swimming. I got a bit out of breath, maybe there's some kind of lung-training I can take up to assist my tissue re-oxygenation skills.

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