Monday, 7 March 2016

The Light Fantastic

lego box top ages 4 - 99 100th birthday cakeToday we programmed our Lego Robots to stand still. This may seem like neither a forward nor a retrograde step, but we added a sound envelope in which it says 'Good Morning' and yawns scratchily.
It was a lovely sunny day with fantastic light everywhere so on the way home he tried to persuade me to resume my daily runs, citing the requirement to persevere to achieve my Personal Challenge Badge in Scouts, and to lose more flab and gain more bounce.
But as before, it descended into arguments. I see it as lots of pain with no gain and declared that all I want to do is play computer games and eat chocolate, knowing that now I have made the effort, I can never get fat and will remain fit, and it will be no more difficult when I deign to start again in June or so, and the badge is so what, don't care, Hakuna Matata.
So to fill the time I made a sniper's den on my bed using only a duvet, pillow and eyemask, and then he said let's go and buy a car, as you do.
The one we'd seen online was just down the road so we parked in the forecourt and looked around hopefully. It was replete with cars of all nations but entirely devoid of humans so we played Sod's Law at its own game and waited 3 minutes longer than strictly necessary. This worked as the owner came back just as we were pulling out. He said he'd lent the car out to a chap having his own one mended and would we like to come back tomorrow.
portsmouth premier car sales goldsmith avenue
I swapped some Pokémon cards with Flynn, and in Cubs we learnt how to get knotted with lengths of rope. It was a Japanese-themed night by Ryan, our Explorer Scout and he did a talk on Oriental religions and we learned Karate and made fish-free Sushi (due to allergy concerns). It was just paper made out of seaweed, sticky rice and cucumber but it gave the church hall a distressing aroma and I nearly puked. In the Picking-Up-Peas-With-Chopsticks competition, I got through 2 knockout rounds to the final where I lost 7-0 as I had my sticks the wrong way round.

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