Sunday, 6 March 2016

Your Butt

Johnny invited me and many other friends to his birthday party at Action Stations! This is a splendid building within Her Majesty's Historic Dockyard which has been fitted out with many armed forces-related attractions, I also used it as the changing room when I was a Victorian Chimney Sweep.
action stations portsmouth historic dockyardFighting our way through the traffic trying not to laugh at the car as all its lights flashed randomly, we drove straight past the car showroom where we tried to buy a newer model but, being Sunday, the guy was having a day off. I hopped out and collected another contestant who was waiting to go in, and the team met up, a finer group of lads you could not hope to meet.
First, we had an hour on the attractions. I did both helicopter simulators twice, shot machine guns, watched a film, and generally meddled and climbed on things, including the very tall climbing wall. Then we split into Red and Blue teams and I chose "Your Butt" as my userID, against other players such as Chicknfart, A Squirrel, Bens Mum, Kill Ben, Illuminati and Cheese.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm a gallant team member, a quality sniper who kills everyone but gets shot a lot because of not looking for people sniping at me. Over the two games, my averages were
Laser Beams Fired at Pathetic Human Opponents   - 447
Percentage of Deadly Laser Beams Striking Enemy - 7.5%
Percentage of Home Team's Points scored By Me    - 6.9%
My Ranked Place out of the 17 Trusty Warriors      - 12.5
But Poo to you, it was totally epic and I enjoyed every sweaty minute of it. Watched Terminator Genisys with supper and kept explaining things to Jof.

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