Thursday, 24 March 2016

Life in the Fast Lane: On Stage Again

25 highland road southsea arthur daleysHooray for those naughty teachers and their insane lust for power (and their insistence on having extra days off). I managed some meaningful interaction with Jof before she left for work hoho and got right on down to some serious Dragon-building.
But you can't have a day off on your day off so we drove down to a new shop that has recently opened and took some of our winnings from selling the gunshells. Hampshire Coins and Artefacts appears to be a couple of likely lads renting a cheap shopfront on Highland Road to do Arthur Daley-style coin and note deals and allow lots of time off for metal-detecting. When we got there, they had put a little sign on the door saying we're off metal-detecting. This was no good for us so we went swimming.
boy introducing the next act on groundlings theatre stageI am due to miss my Thursday swim because of being on the stage again so I got in with my free card and he paid but nobody ever looks at the ticket anyway (ever) and we did an hour and 15 minutes of lengths in the fast lane, splashing, diving, messing about underwater in the slow lane and fun. Swimming is always good.
Coin man was still detecting so I ate luxury prawns and luxury custard and watched Alice in Wonderland. I ate bacon and noodles because of why not and arrived at the theatre 135 minutes before the curtain was due to rise. 20 minutes before we were due onstage, the guy who was scheduled to do our intro bailed and I had to step in, learn the lines (and ad-lib a little) and cement my position as the reliable go-to presenter for the producer in need.
groundlings theatre school showcase curtain groupThe whole show was a mish-mash of all the various groups from young to old, actors to singers, each doing a spot. The grey-haired group did confusing excerpts from some sketches, brave solo singers came on and the microphones thumped and may have been turned up too loud and gave us a juicy howl-round.
We did a tableau of the four seasons with interpretative dance including shoots of spring, a sheep and so forth. I intertwined competently with Sydney who had dangly diaphanous veils and I wore my christmas jumper and woolly hat.
The close-harmony singers were nice, the bank manager did a monologue and there was another inventive soloist who used many new musical notes previously unknown to science and then we did the mass clap-along and we got home slightly after 10pm. I was tired but my head was buzzy and my tummy angry. Jof gave me drugs and Bud gave me milk.

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