Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Band Elastic

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Today was a day of headbanging. I fell over at school on the grassy knoll (which is better than plummeting onto the asphalt) and additionally banged my head on a pole, as you do.
In School swimming it was easy. Child S was not present so we won our relay again, without the dubious benefit of his immense drag factor. The last bit was a challenge to dive in, go through a hoop near the bottom and surface as far down the pool as possible. I have been taught pre-dive hyperventilation so did 2/3 of a length underwater and won by miles.
ford mondeo estate second hand carIn the afternoon we went back to the second-hand car sales yard again and finally met the car that is destined to become ours. The man let us get in so I claimed the boot as my own having tried out the back seat for Sulk-Mode potential (very good, lots of space).
portsmouth premier car sales goldsmith avenueWe started on the purchase procedure and that's when we discovered the previous owner works about 20 yards from Bud's desk so we know who to blame if it dies. I intend to camp out in the boot, and I was listing all my requirements (tablet with Wi-Fi, torch, alarm clock, foam mattress, Harry Potter book and food supplies) when they said we're not actually going to let you sleep in it, and that's when I leaned forwards in Sulk-Mode and the car stopped for a red light and I banged my head on the seat in front, Hashtag A Go-go. This peril will be absent in the newer, roomier car.
And on the way to Gymnastics I was just practising my Karate skills on his bottom and face when somehow miraculously his elbow connected with my head and why do I even bother, I hear adult employment is like banging your head on a brick wall, might as well start now, FML.

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