Thursday, 2 July 2015

Wired for Sound

new cat den and scratching post but cats sits in cardboard boxRain! Couldn't believe it.
You know those giant paper clips? Well, I found an abandoned one that was bent so I made it into a grappling hook/slash weapon. But then I thought a ear-mounted head microphone would be better, like the ones worn by the child actors in the Kings' Theatre Youth production of The Wizard of Oz.
With a few careful bends, it hooked around my ear and sat nicely in place, and a fruit pastille that had somehow escaped being eaten became the mike foam.
bent paperclip used as head mike with fruit pastilleSo when we went to the Renty house to read the meters, I stalked down the road whispering into my concealed head-mike "Target has moved into Sector 3, we got us a convoy. Control, patch me through to Agent P, the lion is in the cage, Roger, come back, good buddy. We're coming in hot, taking fire, get the medics to the airstrip and smoke me a kipper. Stand by, Red Leader, he's going into the Galleria, I have good eyeball. That's a negatory on the weapon, control, we need the detonators before we proceed to Phase 5. Have you considered double glazing. Your signal is faint, are you receiving me, over."

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