Monday, 20 July 2015

Poetry and Emotion

laderlappen batman name failGot to school in drizzle.
Today Jof went to a swanky hotel in the New Forest because her work wanted to say thank you for being such a community-minded worker. This gave her the chance to half-inch some of those little shampoos and soaps from the janitor trolleys they always leave lying around. We'll have to go swimming a lot to use them all up.
This afternoon was the Year 6 leaving performance, with songs, dance and fancy dress. They will be going off to big school and so several of them came out of the assembly hall with streaming eyes - all of them girls, I note - a show of emotion to which I shall never stoop.
But I did take the chance of bringing home some of the rubbish, er, schoolwork that I have accumulated over the term. Here is my acrostic Pig Poem, a master of porcine understatement, but I also proffer unto you my Ode to Wolves.
acrostic pork comes from pig bellies generally muddyGray Yay.
Running at 31 mph.
Ancestor of all Domestic dogs,
You will run away.
When they kill an animal,
Oh, you should run.
Layers of fur covering a soulless cage
Fall to your death, they're coming for you.

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