Thursday, 30 July 2015

1st Prime, 2nd Cataract (Tertiary Adjunct)

fourskin foreskin product name funny fail engrishAs is so often on these halcyon days of nothingness, it was difficult to get me out of bed. And there might possibly have been some relaxed apathy about leaving the house, or even the sofa, because I've got a new tablet, and Jof told me it's mine.
But once England had been bowled out again and Bud had got home from work, we practically leapt out, honest, and drove to the Landport Adventure Playground.
Now, Ben and I have been to this park a couple of times, we are no strangers to its wooden constructs, aerial walkways, rope bridges and concrete drainage tunnels. And indeed, there have been structural improvements ere I saw it last, with angled logs joining tree-houses, polychrome paints adorning new fences around the raspberry canes and new access portals to the bouncy slide.
But, as per usual, even though the tyre swing has been rejuvenated, it did not take me long to get sidelined by the very very good sandpit.
I saw this thing being built some years ago, and even though they supply actual metal spades (and I'm prepared to call them spades) you'll never dig down to the bedrock beneath because the sandpit is very deep, and we're on gravel here on Portsea Island.

landport adventure playground portsmouth sandpitSo I rolled up my trouserlegs, co-opted a brown chap in a blue shirt to help dig the trench, and together we re-routed the River Nile and made cataracts and rapids, in yet another civil engineering triumph. The river bifurcated and nearly had an Oxbow Lake motif with reed beds and protected wetlands but little girls kept getting in the way. As you know, sand gets everywhere so I showered straight away at the expense of a crunchy kitchen floor.
Due to less-than-diligent shopping, Jof had to go out to the fish'n'chip emporium and managed to get curry as well. While ketchup on chips is a staple of the western diet, I tried out poppadoms for the first time and found them to be like Pron Crax (prawn crackers) and therefore worthy of note. We watched the cricket highlights twice, because we're worth it.

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