Sunday, 5 July 2015

Curtains for Cage

A gentle start to the day with Bud trying to hide marmalade in my croissant like Nanna used to try and hide Brussels sprouts under Jofs' gravy. It didn't work.
lego crafting table with bunker and wallsJof and I went to the Renty house and installed lots of curtains. None of this is very exciting for me so mostly I rolled around on the floor or did the LabaLaba dance which is where you jump up and down going LabaLaba hoping not to be prescribed the special medication.
I did play with the wire cutters, though, when the white cable for the net curtains was too long.
Mostly I played on the tablet until Jof made me do Lego instead, I roped her in to helping me make an army base with nuclear missile silo and camouflaged bunker with a garden on top.
Because Jof is on salad days again, she was hungry early so we were finished early enough to watch the Saturday night movie that we missed out on last night when I locked Bud in the toilet with the malfunctioning lock.
"Con Air" is a comedy film with guns and attack helicopters and lots of bad guys and a car on a towrope being dragged by a plane and a nice serial killer who likes to sing and Johnny 23 with his detached arm and lots of crashes and explosions, just up my street, which turned out to be the Las Vegas Strip.

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