Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A 5 Year Sentence

french will surrender to germans immediately failAs of today I have completed 5 years of my school life.
It's not much of a school day so we did the register and I failed to get 100% attendance because of the hospital trip for that broken finger.
schools out for summer meon junior school portsmouthBut we emptied our trays and piled up all of our junk and I played the Simpsons board game and came equal top on 7 tokens and there were ball games you've never heard of and a lot of handing out of sweeties.
Our Maths teacher Miss A is leaving us to teach at Johnny and Bobert's school - it can only be a step up for her. Other teachers are leaving to have babies and change their names and get married but the Venn diagram for these variables is somewhat complex.
red metal park benches milton park portsmouthAt final kick-out time it was an absolute blub-fest with girls of all age groups with puffy eyes and even a couple of teary boys, must have been knocked out in the group stages again.
Meeting Ben at the park as usual, there was ball tag and running around and Amy and Lucy and LittleMax and lots of other small faces and the JBs joined us and then some jug-eared ***t started calling me a gremlin and that's when the magic died for me and I came home.

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