Saturday, 11 July 2015

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey Wimey

southsea bandstand and war memorial from southsea castleSaturday! I read quietly and ate breakfast slowly. 2 old ladies came to the door and invited us to a party where Jesus was the special guest, that's what happens if you cut the budget at the mad hospital, you get mental patients on the streets. I was forced to do a walk to buy eggs and collect some stuff from the Renty house and then we cycled to the theatre for my acting lesson. I find it difficult to ride with a bag because it keeps slipping round to the front and getting in the way so I rode as slowly as possible in protest, until he took the bag off me. But then a passing bird crapped on my leg, the same thing happened on a school trip, srsly why do these things happen to me?
Acting was just practice for the end-of-term showcase performance and I have to learn my line and dance moves and the songs.
On the seafront the bandstand area is being built over for a giant viewing platform with VIP seating and a bar area, it's almost as if some large international event is about to take place on the Solent. Mozzarella Joes is offering seats on their balcony for £60. The roof of Henry the 8ths castle has been taken over by TV crews so this picture is from the castle walls, just by the sign that says don't climb on the walls, danger of death.
After acting we had lunch at Frankie and Benny's but their pizza oven was broken so I had pasta. They were playing language tapes in the toilets so if you want to learn how to say I have a boyfriend in Italian, that's the place to go. It must be Spaniard Day at Gunwharf because Spanish students were everywhere with school trips left right and centre. We wanted to buy a couple of caps but the designer shops had them at £25 so we got Nike ones for £8.
terminator genisys 12a for a 9 year old boyThe bonus of the day was going to the VUE cinema to watch Terminator Genisys. It's a 12A rated movie so that means they don't ask if you're with an adult, he was with me so they didn't ask. It's a confusing film with lots of time travel and in-jokes and references to previous movies with direct quotes and stuff and it was a bit scary in the Cyberdyne Systems building and in the end Arnie gets an upgrade but there's a hidden scene after the credits where they leave the door open for Skynet to return, played by Doctor Who, probably something to do with the wibbly wobbly timey wimey aspect. Arnie may have possibly aged a little in the 31 years since he first asked some telescope punks for their clothes, so in this one they've invented an alternate timeline in which he rescues Sarah Connor when she's only 9 and she calls him Pops. They've faithfully re-shot some classic moments from T1 and it makes you realise just how strong a brand the Terminator series is (not including T3 and 4 which are pants): old but not obsolete. I loved it and gave Jof a rambling synopsis upon our return, then I sat on her and farted.

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