Sunday, 19 July 2015


plastic minion figure from macdonaldsRecently I asked whether I could go to McDonalds, or, as we know it, McDougalls. I'm not allowed to go very often and I suspect my lifetime visits are less than 10. But as long as you eat proper food the rest of the time, it's probably not fatal.
So Jof wanted the Egg McMuffin but we arrived after 1030 and they'd stopped serving them: she had to have Chicken McSupremo or something and I had Chicken McMorsels and got a free Minion for which I made a prison-cage. It does make Minion noises when you bang it but it doesn't swear, like was reported in America somewhere last week.
Jof recently bought another house (must have got bored with this one, I guess) and it needed new carpets so we got the Carpetright people to do this house, as they'd done ours and it's only round the corner etc.
The carpets came to a total of about £1500 and were duly installed last week. In a couple of days Zoe is going round there to wave her magic hoover and the window cleaners will wave their magic squeegees and then it's all ready for the people to move in, as planned, hooray.
carpetright vinyl laminates beds customer service failSo we nipped round yesterday to take some more of our stuff out and hey presto, the carpet people have put the nice soft grey bedroom carpets in the hall/stairs/landing, and put the hard-wearing brown carpets in the bedrooms. You only had one job, guys, and you got the carpets the wrong way round. So, straight from our salty chickeny repast at McDongles, we walked over the road and put this to the man sitting behind the desk at CarpetWrong and Jof is jolly good at telling people off, it's practically a hobby.
As long as they could completely replace all the carpets tomorrow, that'd be fine, but they have to order it all in from some desolate warehouse outside Basingstoke and the new carpets wouldn't even arrive in less than a week so we're hoping for a really big sorry-refund.

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