Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Taste my Salty Disco Balls

surfer crashing failA relatively normal day at school with added maths tests. We also had to mark tests from the year above us and most of them were terrible. I'm not saying that I could do better, I'm just saying they were awful.
lego viking warship longship On the way home from school Ben and I discussed our ideal jobs and the backups we have in store if our dreams aren't realised. Deep down he knows he might not play for Manchester United and deep down I know I might not take over from Arnie as large action movie star, so I have a backup as engineer and Ben had rugby physio (because rugby matches have more injuries that football matches).
rough waters in the solentBut when we got back all we could think about was Lego. He got stuck in to my new addition and we separated off the Viking warship pieces and started to build the ship and arm its crew.
The JBs arrived and Bobert voted unanimously, magnanimously and unilaterally to visit the beach instead of the park because nobody else was listening to the question.
southsea shingle beachOf course they loved the extra Lego too and noticed the many disco balls, psychedelic panels, jewels, asteroids and other attractions so we competed in announcements of what balls were on offer and what you could do with them.
We all played Dragon attack and then got onto the beach and fought the waves and dug a hole to trap the sea and snacked far too much and chased each other through the dunes of shingle. We all went in the sea repeatedly and even though it was very windy, it was well worth it.

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