Friday, 10 July 2015

Hasta la Vista, Water Baybee

drunk at atm machine drops beer failToday was an unexpected Inset Day, for those who don't pay attention. I did, for once, so got up around 9 and played Klash-of-Klans quietly to avoid disturbing the Jof.
Going to the Renty house to prepare for the builder, we found that he'd already been, and built us a new back step that looks very nice, thank you. As you do, I split my joy between the 2 parents and Bud came home early so Jof could go to work. We dropped her off and headed off to the seafront.
He wanted to go to the Castle and the splashpark and maybe pick up some number rocks and a potential ice cream, but I said no, Elizabeth has promised to be at our usual place on the beach so we drove that way.
plastic water guns southsea beachWe checked out the beach but the wind had blown away most of the sunbathers and there was no Beth so just as we were driving back to the castle, I saw her and chased her into the sea with 2 of my best waterguns. It wasn't super-warm but I stayed in the water much longer due to my layer of blubber.
We shot each other and then huddled on the beach discussing favourite topics at school, best bits of our ICT lessons, and just how much those wands cost at the Harry Potter World shop near Watford. Incidentally, here is some footage of BethsDad tragically losing some beer.
In swimming I came top of the light blue and dark blue hat groups, winning all the races and being chosen to demonstrate my epic front crawl technique. In other news, I now officially have 300 pictures on Google Earth/Google Maps. So, a Grillionth of a percent of those little picture icons spread out over the globe are mine (and I'm in some of them).

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