Friday, 3 July 2015

Sports Day: Stepping up to the Line

3 guys chipping golf balls into a trophy urnSports Day came round like it always does and the whole school took part. Our school is split into houses, Warrior, Mary Rose, Alliance and Victory, not that we live in a naval city or anything. We all trooped down to the Mad Hospital grounds where only 2 weeks ago I won 4 coconuts with 6 balls.
house refurbisment back doorstep rebuildThe PE teacher (who does not work Fridays) had come in at 0700 and done 2 hours of overtime setting up the entire athletics pitch. We did relays, tennis ball and spoon races, sack races and so forth.
You get to choose what you enter and I chose the sack race. I was coming first when I fell over and was overtaken by Fridge Frazer, then I tumbled again and came last. But it is the taking part, so I hear, and my house (Warrior) came top for the 9th year in a row, no mean feat for a school which only has 4 year-groups.
Once I'd got home, we met Builder #2 at the Renty house. He examined the back door steps that needed rebuilding, while I sat on the stairs and played Minecraft. Hey, I can't be on duty the whole time.
Incidentally, we're currently studying teaching in one of our modules. We have to create our own course, devise and write the syllabus, plan the course and advertise it to our classmates. They then go round applying for places on the available courses, like the mad scramble of UCCA and PCAS or the selection of clubs once you've got into Oxbridge.
boys sleepover party 9th birthdayI am running a learn-to-dive course and have 4 applicants. Other courses available are drawing, pom-pom waving, and penalties.
So, after swimming I had to wash in the communal showers because my good mate Bobertos turned 9 last week and wanted his mates over for a pow-wow and sleepover. This sounded excellent so I drew his birthday card myself on top of an existing card bought for me, and arrived at his where I found Ben in a tank (smallish cardboard box) and Robert himself with a remote-controlled car disguised as another cardboard box. He also had a SPAS-12 grenade launcher, note to self, get one soon. I wonder what the various parents will be up to while we're busy.

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