Friday, 24 July 2015

Americas Cup Day 2: A False Sense of Security

sports broadcasters live tv failLet's hold an Americas Cup series race in British waters for the first time since 1851, they said. It'll be historic and full of Pompey and Circumstance, and it'll be July so the weather will be fine, they said. That's when we threw a double six for depression, gales, hailstorms, monsoons ...
So Jof drove me to YMCA and I got stuck in with my old mate Amy from my kiddie school. There was dodgeball and we beat the teachers and there was head'n'catch which is where the piggy in the middle says header or catch the ball and you have to do the opposite or you're out. This is reminiscent of all those drinking games like Fuzzy Duck.
Film afternoon was 'Frozen' and I'm allergic so I did my first swim of the day: I got the ball for ages and later I got right back in again for my actual paid lesson. The rain only increased in intensity, the Red Arrows (acrobatic jetplane display team) declined to perform to the 7 remaining stalwarts on the seafront and the VIP area ticket sales were low, serves them right for pricing them at £160.

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