Thursday, 23 July 2015

Americas Cup Day 1: Den Wars

channel 5 live reporter fail only in americaHip-Hip Hooray for the first day of the holidays! So I went straight into child-minding because even if you're from one of those bizarre species that has 3 parents, they still won't have enough holiday days from work to cover the amount we kids get.
We cycled slowly to the YMCA and I started on the tablet and then it was Den Building, girls vs boys. The boys concentrated on sentry towers and secret death traps and security protocols and the girls stuck with soft furnishings and lounges.
One of the items we used was a parachute with a hole in the top, so we used it as a lookout post where you stick your head out the top. After lunch was Den Wars and we attacked and won. I skinned a knee and when Bud arrived to take me home early, I danced around and banged my head on an open window and put a big triangular dent in it.
southsea seafront ferris wheel london eye americas cup event
On the seafront the whole area between King Henry's castle and the Blue Reef centre is blocked off unless you pay 7 million to go in the VIP area. But the rest is free as long as you let them search your bags. We'll go down on Saturday when it will be absolutely heaving which is more fun. There's loads of tents (some selling beer) and a London Eye and giant inflatables and T-shirts and prizes and stalls and rides. There might even be some sailboats competing in the Americas cup.

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