Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Queue at the Vomitarium

lorry crashed under low bridge failToday we did normal school until lunchtime, when we were allowed to get changed into our party clothes.
The end-of-term BBQ and music festival is our replacement for the Druidic Summer Solstice Happening. All the beautiful people gather in the inner atrium of the playground which is shielded from the outside world by our high walls so we can pump out the banging choons (provided by Disco Damien) and rave on until the sun rises.
We also get loaded on vast amounts of high-sugar treats which we buy for cash from the Candy-pusher and then we all work off the sugar rush by waving our hands in the air like we just don't care. I had 10 bags of Haribo and 7 strawberry whips and rounded them off with a whistle-sweet and a coke bottle, if you know what I mean, Guvnor. Now this may sound like a lot to those boring parents who were never young and carefree, but it's not, honest.
I groaned my way home with a slight coming-down tummyache and only got a small supper, having used up my sweeties ration for the next umpteen.

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