Friday, 17 July 2015

This Beast will Suck your Blood like Shandy

college students shooting each other with firework rockets funnySchool is definitely winding down to a close now. I finished my maths book and had to append a loose sheet, and we did our opening descriptions of the slavering monsters we invented earlier in the week. My chimaera is a marine carnivore, so I used 'Shandy' in my simile as that's what Bud drinks.
Then we visited the infant school next door and I read to Baby Edward.
After school we went round to the Renty house and did some last-minute jobs like emptying the fridge of elderly milk and putting in 2 hooks for the curtain tie-backs, you know, really rock-on stuff, hurrah.
My old infant school was having its garden party/fete. I have happy memories of this event, Erin and I had good times there and the Fayres seemed better at the kiddie school than they do at my current school. But looking through the fence, we could see that the games looked a little lame now that I'm practically a Year 5, so we didn't go in.
underage boy with mp5 machine gun and 18 rated movieThen the post arrived and it was the one remaining Arnold Schwarzenegger movie I have not yet seen, hurrah. This time he is an ex-FBI agent, sacked for being too brutal, who is brought back to go in undercover and kill all the drug dealer gang bad guys. What more do you want, apart from aliens. Saturday night is film night ...
So, in swimming, I was doing the normal stuff. Ploughing up and down, I was winning again and having time to do underwater handstands while waiting for the others to catch up. Then the nice teacher lady said come over here to the other group and teach them to dive. So I did that. I demonstrated the safety-first dive they have to start with and the Arrow Dive as used in the pools of Majorca. This is the second week I have been tasked with being the guest tutor, last time I showed off my flawless front crawl technique.
Then she said you seem to be rather good, would you like to do the advanced student try-out course at the other pool, if you qualify, you can go and join the professional swimming club at the top of the island that have their own Olympic-sized pool. And there'll be competitions with the chance of medals and silverware (no gilt trip). This is exactly what Jof did when she was a junior, she won actual silver things in regional races. I've been headhunted!

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