Saturday, 4 July 2015

Are you awake?

portsea venture youth centre aylward street portsmouthWoke up at half past five this morning because Ben was prodding me in the shoulder. We asked Bobert if he was awake and he said well I am now so we played on our tablets and also played secret agent attack in the garden until coco pops time.
Jof brought me home and later I went to acting. We had enough time for a loosener in the adventure playground round the corner and we threw a football at each other and got hot.
The theatre had been beset by yet another last-minute surprise wedding which meant they couldn't get an email to us, so the sign on the door told us to go to the Royal Maritime Club on Queen Street, which also does weddings, going round in circles here.
royal maritime club queen street portsmouthIt's very flash inside with numerous paintings of naval warfare, cartoons of wharf workers, recruitment adverts for the merchant navy, ships' wheels and so forth. There is a swimming pool and hotel attached and a swish central atrium although my class was in the HMS Hood room at the back.
We practised our lines for the upcoming showcase and played rubber chicken and also drunk person doing it on a car bonnet which is where you have to jiggle your body around in all sorts of amusing contortions while keeping your hands still in mid-air.
Even though I was perfectly happy playing Klash-of-Klans on the tablet, Jof suggested we all play minigolf or something so I counter-offered the D-Day splashpark. I wanted to use one of the giant waterguns we have stashed in the munitions cabinet and chose the double-barrelled shotgun. Jof said she'd join us, so we cycled off.
boys splashing in waterpark
It was busy and I forged and broke alliances, shot unknown cyborgs and played tag with kids I'd just met. I didn't bother with any of that namby-pamby stuff like shirts or towels so dried off on the bike on the way back. By Canoe Lake we met Jof who had lost an hour to an unexpected nap in front of the cricket and we celebrated with chocolate ice cream by the lake.
The evening was quiet until Film Night. Jof objected to one of her favourite films "Con Air" on the grounds of its 18 certificate. While the arguments on my behalf ensued, I locked him in the downstairs bathroom using the star-shaped key that doesn't quite work.
Thus we had 40 minutes of cross-door crossness and eventually he escaped the boiler room using the ladder that we had to pass through the external window and a velux roof-window, an escape route across the garage roof and a pliers-modified door key that allowed him access to the garage roof and freedom. I am under strict instructions to not do anything ever.

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