Thursday, 16 July 2015

Haircut Ten Thousand*

solitary bees egg laying facility vivariumman in yellow teddy bear suit with tail like penisWell, although I randomly woke up at 2am and 5am, I got enough sleep and was no longer tired and emotional.
It was ALL CHANGE at school. The End of Days (not my favourite Schwarzenegger film) is just around the corner so us keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em mushroom compost workers were finally drip-fed the vital information about the next academic year.
    gristwood toms park facilities maintenance
  1. Our class teacher is Mr Stanley. But he's getting married so will be Mr Booze-on or Bougainvillea or Beauregard, this may be a rumour. We have him for all subjects, a megalomaniac perhaps.
  2. In my class will be both Bens and an Erin but no Pops.
  3. We get an even longer lunch hour, might as well not turn up to Year 6 at this rate.
  4. We will study the Temple of Doooooom, Vikings and visit the Chichester Planetarium again, let's hope they're open this time.
  5. One school trip lasts a whole week! I think it's forest survival, not necessarily based on the Lord of the Flies but I'll take a knife and gun just in case.
  6. The Year 5 play will involve death but probably not swearing.
It's a lot to take in, and I clearly failed to retain all the details but stuff will happen, and I'll be a part of it. We're all very excited.
On the way home we checked out the bee hotel that I spent so much time on yesterday. The giant hole at the bottom of the right hand support post was mine. Many of the drill-holes in the colourful vertical face (condo units) are mine.
Still on the way home, we discovered why the traffic was even worse than it has been recently due to the roadworks. The council were giving a tree a severe haircut (they weren't doing it themselves, they sent some men round) and in the red circle is a falling log in a classic action shot.
Today I found an opticians in Brisbane, Australia run by a man called M. Hinds. I messaged him to ask if, in hindsight, he could have found a better name for his shop.
Today Jof got stung by a wasp, twice, on the same leg. I was stung once, and I don't recommend it.
*There used to be a pop group called Haircut 100. Once upon a decade, Bud got his first Grade 1 haircut and was dubbed Haircut 10,000.

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