Wednesday, 29 July 2015

White Water Rapids

phoenix pub bar and eatery romsey southamptonHaving had such a relaxing day yesterday, I persuaded Jof to take me to the promised Pyramids splash'n'waterslides experience. This she almost did, having secretly substituted a new and unknown location, only just up the road from Grandad who was too busy to join us as he is currently on a cruise up the Moselle, what a cheek.
'The Rapids' is an indoor watery fun place in Romsey Leisure Centre, basically, and we had a quick go in the attached swingpark which is in Romsey Sports centre. It has a built-in sandpit, climbing frames and associated cricket pitch, minigolf and skatepark. I shall return to do these things.
You can't take pictures in the swimming pool complex following the usual paranoid safety directives aimed at the one trenchcoat-wearer who was last seen in 1973, so I will relay vital details.
sheet music wallpaper phoenix pub romseyThere are 3 pools. One has a beach area and learner swimmers, one has obstacles including the bucket that fills up quietly then dumps its load on you, and one has a rapids channel that feeds back into itself further down. The kids section has squirters and a Pirate ship. I liked the round spinner-tank, you proceed sedately round in circles until they turn the flow up and then you spin out of control and it's very funny. There was a very long waterslide but the queue was also long and we couldn't be bothered to wait.
After an hour or so we both got very hungry and then the tannoy announcer said "Hneetle awawa pree talaka rooney hnoor", so we did that. Driving into town, we battled with enthusiastic traffic wardens (sorry, Parking Compliance and Technical Enablement Outreach Officers) to ditch the car next to a medieval waterway and toured the centre looking for food. The Phoenix pub seemed to be the best bet.
bar price list poster americas cup world series portsmouth 2015It is a very nice bar and eatery where the crockery is all different. My chips came in an old tin mug, Jof got a pot of tea where the teapot was a cottage and the milk came in an old specimen jar, the plates are clearly out of charity shops who must be cleaning up with all the stuff they've inherited from various deceased grannies.
On the way out I saw a piano next to a wall of musical wallpaper that ErinsMum likes. But it also had a skeleton in a hat playing the sax, so I jammed with him awhile.
Bud had taken the chance to have the run he missed yesterday and came home with a souvenir. It may not be valuable but it is a thing of our time and when they pull these things off the Titanic, they're worth a fortune. The VIP tent price list is a 2-foot high placard. A pint of beer at only £5 seems not too bad, but might I draw Sir's attention to the bottle of bubbly at only £90 ...

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