Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Wynter Hide-away

lego viking longboat warriorsA day of extreme laziness. Winter had returned so I basically hid inside all day, even using the X-Box for possibly the 3rd time. Jof was using the bank of M+S. All ladies do this, they buy lots of fancy dresses and stuff and then a week later, take them all back again. This is some kind of pawn-shop or payday-loan operation, and I think if M+S changed their returns policy overnight, it could trigger a global recession.
Anyway, we had to go and collect the last of the stuff from the Renty house before Carpetman and his carpety cohorts visit tomorrow. The whole job took us all of 10 minutes and we hid inside from the rain and I watched Minecraft videos and upgraded my Public Toilets and did all those vital things you suddenly think of when you've got 9 hours free.
We made a game stab at the Viking warship without actually getting out the instructions and trying to find all the bits. It's got a lot of very fierce heavily-armed Viking sea-warriors and colourful shields and whatnot.

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