Monday, 27 July 2015

Dancing in the Holosuite

engrish funny name product failGiven that this is a Monday, I count it as the first true day of the holidays proper.
Jof wandered around doing some kind of housework, sorting out important things and stuff, but this represented an opportunity to watch 'True Lies' in full, again.
Then we went shopping. This is never a good thing for us smaller chaps, the items on the list may be for my benefit but as you've got to trail around endless emporia and loiter in lobbies and try stuff on etc, it's torture.
alcatel onetoch pop75 tabletSo I dance. I can't keep still at the best of times so when Jof's carrying 4 large shopping bags and it's crowded and I dance and jump up and down hooting and singing the lalalaaaa song, it doesn't help. But what I didn't like is that we were clearly on the Holosuite of the Starship Enterprise, with Geordi La Forge playing tricks on me. I'd shimmy to the left, and all of a sudden there'd be a distraught mother with a buggy full of screaming brats that weren't there a minute ago. I'd gyrate to the right, and a shop assistant that didn't exist would have to jump out of my way, scattering boxes of tissues.
traffic light repair night shift roadworksI'd flail my arms backwards, and out of nowhere there'd be one of those rotating postcard dispenser racks that the Hologram programmer had placed there when I wasn't looking. So Jof got somewhat miffed as she kept telling me to keep still, but it's not my fault that obstacles keep leaping out at me.
But eventually we got a new tablet and some swimming trunks and some kids books (even though I only had eyes for the Minecraft book) and we got home and I played Minecraft for ages.
Then the roadworks started their next night shift. These chaps have the drill machine that cuts holes in tarmac and it's noisy and right outside my bedroom window. Smirnoff, anyone?

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