Saturday, 18 July 2015

Disappearing Act: A Dearth of Ducks

cemetery lake southampton commonSo today was a Saturday and as such I am commanded to sneak downstairs quietly, play Klans-Klash or something and let sleeping dogs lie.
I did this adequately and had tuna-pasta for breakfast because of why not, and then we walked through the park to wake ourselves up. This was the last scheduled acting lesson of the term so we got there dead on time and he wandered off and that's when the Creative Director of the theatre said Oh Poo, we're not running the session today because there's only one attendee, me. But Bud had already gone off and he doesn't have a mobile so I learned about the sound and lighting booth and played with the rather nice wardrobe lady and dressed as an Egyptian and tried out ALL the swords.
Then we drove to Southampton, a bit of a come-down but we met Grandad at the Cowherds pub and it was all worthwhile.
sky ride southampton common
He taught me radii and diameters and how to make a triangle with compasses and rivers of Europe and that was just before the pasta arrived. Recently I ordered an adult-sized fish meal in a pub and barely touched it because it was too salty. Grandad is totally allergic to wasted food so this time I ordered the kiddie meal and it was tiny. I know I'm a bit of a chubster recently but seriously, I had to steal several chips and scampi off Bud to reach satiety.
From there we did the playpark and I duly took charge of the roundabout and we came prepared this time, with a big bag of bread. Last time we had to feed the ducks with our ice cream cones, this time we had a sack of wholemeal and soya and linseed Burgen loaf (extra healthy) and there were no ducks, no swans, no cygnets and only 37 pigeons and an infinity of seagulls. We had to be creative to attract any ducks at all and even those looked uninterested and actively swam away from our bready bounty. Ungrateful duckers.
southampton common splashpark areaSo we strolled to the boating lake (model yacht lake) but there were no boats. We gave up and I put on my trunks and got out my guns and had a very successful hour in the splashpark shooting Southamptonians. This watery park is large and the main pool is at least a foot deep so you can get right in there and crocodile up on people and shoot them with water guns. I was in hogs heaven until it clouded over totally and all of a sudden it was quite cold in the wind so we said Poldarks to this, lets have a cup of tea.
At the Hawthorns Café and wildlife reserve, none of us had tea. Grandad got his coat from the car and had a hot chocolate, Bud had coffee and I had a double-scooper ice cream. We parted ways near 6pm and all was well.
As promised, Saturday night is Film Night. Jof didn't go out with the PuddleMummies so she had to be quiet while we watched Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his early outings as Ex-FBI agent Kaminsky in 'Raw Deal'. It did indeed have some explosions and guns and intrigue and some blonde in a gambling den and various baddies including Max, also seen as the pockmarked white FBI agent Johnson in Die Hard. I'm afraid the film itself was poor. I yawned extensively throughout but you've just got to see them all to understand which are the good ones. So, Terminator, Predator and Total Recall are the tops, with mentioned in dispatches for Commando and True Lies.

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