Tuesday, 7 July 2015

That's going straight in my Basket

street vehicle fireExtra bonus at school today when we had 2 hours of dance and drama performance class to encourage us to take it up next term. We had to vote for our favourites when the other class performed for us and I got an extra house point for going on about emotional involvement and expressive movement instead of just saying I liked the bit where he jumped up and down.
The builder we had round for a quote wanted £440 to build a back doorstep so we asked the builder that did our house and he said £150, hard choice there.
Mostly all I thought about today was my new Lego collection so as soon as we got back I had a Dragon Attack. Jof had washed 2 loads of Lego and so we sorted and washed all the rest, leaving it to dry on towels in the yard. It's going to be some chore adding it to my existing collection without losing track of the Viking Longship. There is also a green sea monster that I'm calling the Sea Basilisk.
sea monster form lego viking longship warship
On the way to Gymnastics I started laying down a few preparatory statements such as the next level in swimming is virtually impossible, I should give up now, doing 45 lines in the school play was OK but I've got 3 lines in the theatre end-of-term performance and I've got to do it in front of people so I don't want to do it, and I get horribly injured every week in Gym, I should give up now to avoid spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair. That's when he realised we were all very tired from witnessing the roadworkers doing a night shift last night. They have a petrol-driven beast with 2 rotary saws that chops 2 lines in the road, and a digger with pneumatic drill that thumps through the road foundations and mini-diggers that scoop the debris into a waiting hopper, and we had them all last night doing their stuff right outside the windows, which had to be shut so we all got hot. Not a good night's sleep, then, and I can hear them getting ready for another night shift ...

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