Sunday, 26 July 2015

Americas Cup Day 4: Can't be Bothered

Rain, again.
minecraft screen grab with villagersThis is not a great advert for our historic city with its cannons and castles and labels on houses like "Former Black Horse Pub c1675" and warships and docks. The rubbish weather may scare off the Americas Cup schedulers and they might never come back. In fact the big sign at the top of the Eastern Road said "Americas Cup Event - CANCELLED". 2 out of 4 days were a washout, the guy that sold me the square pizza yesterday must be very sad.
So I sat on the sofa and watched Toy Story and stuff. Jof got bored and went back to bed, and I got undisturbed Minecraft time. I met someone called Tommy who says he is 11 and we made each other houses in our Mine-plots, the one I did for him has flowers at the front and a giant tree, the one he did for me has a pitched roof and a lot of villagers.
Later we watched 'Twins' with my favourite action hero and Kuato from Total Recall and one of the Klane cousins was played by Sven-Ole Thorsen. A quick look at IMDb shows that this Danish actor has been in 13 Schwarzenegger films. I've gotta get me a gig like that, if only I was a 6 foot 5 inch Danish bodybuilder.

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