Monday, 1 September 2014

The Ghost in the Vestibule

funny engrish sign fail cock boy Today was childcare day because nobody has as much holiday as me, apart from the Queen.
So we got there on time and he abandoned me in the church hall. The whole first section of the day was exercises, squat thrusts, starjumps, burpies, rolls, running up and down, all the usual stuff. At least it kept us busy.
Joining me today were Amy, Poppy C, Julian the Naughty and many others from schools and activities that I attend.
In the afternoon was "Free Play" where the leaders just let you get on with it so I made an extensive den using upturned chairs and crash mats and hid thereunder with some girls and made flame throwers in memory of dear departed Fireball from The Running Man.
Someone has offered some money for Nanna's house, but for me, it'll never be enough.
Portsmouth: St Luke's : Greetham Street Isambard Brunel Rd, Southsea, Hampshire, PO5 4LH
At going-home time, we noticed that the door to the adjacent church itself was ajar so we effected a quiet entry and investigated. The chap said the upper rafters above the organ were a known hiding place for a ghost but we don't do ghosts, we do back staircases and so when the chap had gone, we tried all the doors and I gave a brief but impassioned speech from the pulpit. I am just visible but my shirt matches the dangly tapestry things.
Sadly the organ loft and bellringer's cleft were locked.

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