Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Favourite Flavour

tv news tickertape funny fail penis pumpsToday at school we had our first fire practice. We were all out in 1 minute 20 even though I was in maths instead of my normal classroom, teacher says that was the best ever time.
Then we strolled all 250 paces to my old school where we waited for Dilly, me wearing my balaclava due to incognito mode. She was released into our custody and she brought a trumpet, as you do.
wimborne junior school trumpet lessonsSociety frowns on blowing one's own trumpet but we all had a blart on it and it's very difficult to parp if you're laughing. Then I beat my bare chest (pigeons not included) which was the challenge for greater things and we played pow-pow with my various rifles and a game in which we were rich people and scoured the house for burglars. I held the machine gun and she played the guard doggie.
lego city star wars fighter on dining tableSo often games are played in which the chap holds his big weapon and the girlie is on all fours barking and crawling around following orders. No, I don't know why either.
We were offered ice cream: Dilly actually turned it down on calorific grounds but I had one, chocco, my favourite flavour. Goes well with a decent wine like Seules de Mafite.
Thus we ended up playing Lego which was the whole point of the playdate, I  made a museum with historic attractions such as the first gun and the first missile to strike Germany, and she made a house with transparent walls and hosepipes.

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