Thursday, 18 September 2014

Like a Teabag, you are Clever

At school we designed chocolates to go in the wrappers we designed last week.
Mine is a ruler-shaped confection with a base layer of orange-flavoured white chocolate with squares of dark choc on top, each one imprinted with the single letter R. It is called Roolo.
milton park portsmouth green open urban spacesAfterwards we raced to the junior school I would have attended if I hadn't moved house closer to it, and waited outside for Dilly, with whom I had a playdate booked.
I came over all unnecessary and reminisced about the happy years I spent at the infant school, and how fun it was waiting for kickout time the other side of the fence.
I saw lots and lots of faces I knew and ended up playing with Kate-Lyn and Emily. When Dilly failed to show, we slipped into the school and found her incarcerated in the after-school club, because her mother had forgotten the playdate we made a mere 3 days ago.
dog shagging someone's leg in battery powered birthday cardYou can't steal children without parental authorisation so we went home empty-handed. I'm just not used to parents being stupid, never happened to me before, honest.
We hit the park anyway and immediately met Max and Harry so went back to the football tree where two of us have to climb the tree and cling on while the third is ground attack, shooting the football at the Klingons. We're very egalitarian and took turns nicely.
Later we had a scooter race and I came off and grazed my anatomy again.
One of the cards for Jofs' birthday sings a little song when you open it, amazing, what will they think of next. It also has a dog which vibrates against someone's leg, no idea why. It made me jump.
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