Monday, 22 September 2014

Isolate at Main Breaker!

red bus crashed into river ravine funnyA rather boring day at school, had to happen sooner or later.
But when I got home, things were different. The power was off, and I mean all of it. I couldn't watch TV, my snack had to be cold, the tablets didn't work, so I ended up emptying my old Match Attax! folder.
electricity distributor worker in protective gearThen the men from the electricity network came in 2 separate vans. They looked at our system and said the fault must be in the road.
The young sparky was on probation or had to be observed or tested in some way so the old hand man left him to it. They opened the hole in the pavement and oohed and aaahed a bit, as you do.
The young apprentice put on a large hi-vis coat, and some giant work boots and a helmet with welding mask attachment and some big yellow rubber gloves you could investigate an elephant's fertility issues with if you get my meaning and he might have had one of those dog collars with the spikes and some SCUBA apparatus for all I know.
aged electrical supply cables in roadThen he used a big orange fitment to put in a massive new fuse and they looked at it for a while and then the older bloke said nah you don't want to do it like that and he just grabbed it and shoved it in without any of the coats and protective runes or herbs.
Everything came back on and I played Minecraft and Jof got home with extra carrots and was none the wiser.
At Cub Scouts I played lots of team games and when I got home the house was full of candles because the power had gone off again and the same 2 electrical blokes were drilling test holes in the pavement. Because supper was cooked by candlelight, it was an inventive affair but healthier than the MacDongles Jof had suggested for me.
We took advantage of the returned power and showered, watched some TV, vented both some spleen and some plasma. I was in bed by the time the power went off for the 3rd time.

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