Monday, 8 September 2014

Agreed, Principally

church paedophile bishops agree sex abuse funny failToday we agreed a price for Nanna's house with someone that only saw it on Saturday. I suppose we made an offer on our house the day after we saw it, so why not.
roald dahl day at school, boy with cushion up shirt fatsuitSo when we got home from school we tried out my Augustus Gloop costume. Jof had found me a boring white T-shirt and Bud drilled a hole in his leather belt so that it would fit me and here I am, although this may not be my final face.
It might not be my final cushion either, it's quite cumbersome and I might find a slightly smaller one. I even won a Merit Certificate from my teacher for getting 100% in the Roald Dahl test.
wooden desk lamp with African elephantsLate last night one of the upstairs light bulbs blew, tripping the safety cut-out. So Bud had to go under the stairs at 0530 and switch the electricity back on again and when we replaced the light bulb this afternoon, we thought we could do better in the dining room.
Here we have a pair of African elephants on some 1960's desk lamp set, with a 15 watt labour-saving lightbulb and over-shady lampshade. In Big B&Q we found a 35 watt bulb and new, more transparent shade, so now we'll be able to see what we're eating for dinner! Maybe that's not a good idea when he cooks ...
The Scoutmaster emailed us and said that all Scout badges have to be sewn onto uniforms by tonight. Sadly our official seamstress (Nanna) is no longer available and so Jof will have to take over. We played DodgeBall and welcomed some new Scouting starters and talked about the sleepovers.

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