Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Am I healthy yet?

tv news tilt funny fail sex for mcnuggetsThe school onslaught into our bad habits continues. Today we had to design a healthy meal with all food groups represented, so I chose to make a roast chicken dinner with 4 veg and orange juice. Once I'd got to the end and totted up the food points I discovered I was low on Dairy and Carbs so I added a buttered bagel for Horses D'oeuvres.
All of this was physically represented by bits of card and artfully folded tissue paper in a range of garish colours.
For Judo we learned to bow first because it's Japanese and then we did one person lying on the floor trying to get up while the other pinned him down with a grapple-hold. Due to physical weakness I chose Estelle as my partner as she is even smaller than me, not remotely to do with having to hold down a struggling girl.
kirby road swing park north end portsmouthAfter Judo we did Shaolin Violin which is where you stand on one leg for 3 days and play the violin without a bow, mm.
Before gymnastics we had time to visit 'College Park' which apparently is the true name of Kirby Park. I never got a go on the swinging basket but did some arm exercises which immediately paid off as the Gym teacher said I had vastly improved in the last 2 weeks and I would move up a badge next time there was assessment. I am now dead set on doing press-ups before my shower and suchlike, then maybe I won't have to choose a weak girl to play Judo against.

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