Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I am Groot (Repeat x 56)

we won't fart in your car funny garage mechanic signToday in PE we watched a video of sport safety and saw a picture of a compound fracture of the forearm as achieved by some kid on an astroturf pitch.
Today was Ben day so we strode home hinting about being hungry. Bensmum had failed to provide food or clothes for his sailing so after we'd Legoed for a while, pepperoni pizza magically appeared and we set to with gusto and the Simpsons.
large sofa with crocheted blanketsBut then sailing phoned to say it was off due to adverse lighting conditions at these northerly latitudes, a contrary halocline and also another low tide and they probably just couldn't be bothered.
Luckily the JBs phoned from the park and we took a football and joined them, not all with shirts even in October.
I had a sulk when they all nicked my ball but after LittleMax had gone I joined in and it was great until Bobert tried to forcibly insert his boot into BensBum repeatedly so we all decided it was Legotime and we got ages and hooted and quackled happily without adult interference, 3 1/2 hours of Ben builds an awful lot of imaginary LegoWorld.
I still had room for double fishcakes.

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