Thursday, 2 October 2014

Cower, O Ye of Little Height

Everyone remember that catchy yet ultimately annoying tune the Muppets sang called "Mah Nà Mah Nà (do doo, do doo-doo)", with lots of funny goings-on? Well, it was originally written in the sixties to accompany action in an Italian adult movie about Swedish saunas. Different funny goings-on.
rest in pieces here lies chainsaw juggler funny
During school today we watched a film about broccoli (not Albert R). We learned that it was invented in Italy, is grown in China in fields of 36 acres and nobody who buys it fully appreciates the effort made in bringing this vitamin-rich crop to your plate. I got 8/10 on the broccoli quiz afterwards (yes).
pest control housewares B+Q depot portsmouthSo yesterday as Ben and I were walking home, I described our mouse problem. There are millions of them, I said, and they eat the blue mouse poison, laugh at its anticoagulant impotence and stomp around the house all night with blue moustaches slavering and growling. This might come as a surprise to both our mice, who have such a nightly embarrassment of biscuit-crumby riches and pizza-crusty delights they don't have to go near the suspicious blue cakes. But we all know what happens if you have 2 mice.
Thus it was that after school today we visited big B+Q again. I selected 2 double-packs of mousetraps and we operated the vicious demo model a few times and saw that it was good. Having set them right near Jofs' wool collection (really should tell her) we hit the park and got the football stuck in a tree and the stick we threw up after it and amazingly the stick we threw up to get the stick down and the one after that. We had to resort to Bud climbing a different tree and hanging off a dead branch until it broke in order to get a stick big enough to get the stick down (and the ball). That was when we gave up due to split sides.

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