Monday, 6 October 2014

Everybody's dead, Dave

red dwarf holly signed autographed photo from defcon 3 scifi convention tottonengrish washroom sign funny failWell, Autumn totally arrived today, the Weather Guessers keep saying it's overdue. There was lots of rain and lots of wind, in that felicitous combination that detaches all the leaves from the local arboretum and shoves them wetly into your face.
After school we got home carefully through the slippery drifts of fallen leaves (fallen women available from Thursday) and brought many into the house with us.
For only £215 we got the car back which is a relief as we won't have to laugh our way down the street at 26 miles an hour in Nanna's car any more.
yellow leaf litter in milton park portsmouthContinuing the Lego tower and railway build, we got a call from Jof to pick her up from work and take a colleague to the hovercraft. But outside at that exact moment was Ben, expecting to play Lego. So we took him with us, as you do, and I went to Jof's shop window and banged on it and she said no, actually, we're not ready to leave yet and it was change of plan, leg it and we had to drive home again anyway, couldn't run a fizz-up in a Coke factory, these women.
So we got 25 minutes Legoing and then scooted through the park to Scouts. Now, there's nowt so riskily unstable as 2 boys racing scooters at top speed on a smooth surface covered in wet leaves, but then some random dog ran up with us barking like mad and had a nosh at my ankles. It'd just moved on to nibbling on Ben when Buds' foot accidentally connected with the manic mutts' head and we were safe again.
In Scouts we played benchball and James threw the ball so hard it knocked out a ceiling tile and the ball was lost above the suspended ceiling.

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